Modern Wall Art Design No2


Modern Wall Art can be customized to size upon request this unique piece of wall art is sure to create a lot of interest in any room, the Center piece has been raised from the surface to create depth creating a 3D appearance, the artwork can be displayed both vertical and horizontal. Create a vocal point in any room with this modern wall art design today.


ART SALE MAKE A SENSIBLE OFFER ON ALL DESIGNS. Yes we are still trading made here in Australia deal direct with the artist. In return with these tough times ahead Metalistik is giving back to you the customer with the biggest sale in the history of Metalistik Metal Wall Art inbox me for more details....


Want a custom variation?  Tell us today

  •  Free shipping Australia wide
  • Ultra modern metal wall art design
  • Can be customized to size upon requirements
  • Create a modern appeal in any room with this modern wall art
  • 10 year warranty on all artwork

Standard Size

1100 mm X 450 mm $425

Additional information


1100mm X 400mm $375


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