Metal Wall Art Panel

Here at Metalistik we can customise metal wall art panel’s to your requirements and needs through size and colour.

Metalistik art panels can be displayed both vertical or horizontal being a focal point in any current room.

Our stunning panel design’s are created with brushing and sanding techniques on the surface of the metal.

With rich metallic colours then implemented to the surface of the aluminium creating a 3D like appearance.

All metal artwork come’s with a 10 year guarantee.

we additionally provide a free freight service here in Australia.

You are a fully covered if your art is lost or damaged giving you extremely good peace of thoughts at the same time as the art is in transit.

Our piece’s are the ultimate in stunning metal art with a WOW FACTOR in modern art.

What’s your perfect Metal Wall Art Design? Tell us

Customise your personal wall artwork design today.

If displaying out door please contact us to discuss further

Deal direct with the Artist & buy Australian made product.

A 10 year warranty for indoor or undercover applies with all my piece’s.

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