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Australia made metal wall clock

Modern abstract chocolate functional metal wall clock

Stunning modern abstract chocolate functional metal wall clock design with a clear gloss finish applied to the surface to protect your investment. Artwork comes with a 10 year warranty on craftsmanship, made here in Australia. Light weight easy to install with fixtures on the back of the sculpture. Size of the artwork 1080 x 760 …

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Prints on metal 1

Prints on metal

Prints on metal. Stunning concept your image or print on brushed metal. With over 2 million to choose from via     Why purchase a print that everyone else has. Stand out from the crowd or your friends with this style of art. You simply choose the image we supply a sample through out the process, …

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The last supper story the last supper facts

Last Supper

The last supper design with my husky kado joining in on the party. A unique concept on brushed metal, this piece can be viewed via this link . the last supper can be customized to size upon request. Video of this art can be viewed

LED WALL ART modern metal art design's


LED WALL ART DESIGN: Led Wall Art Australia made Led Wall Art with a stunning concept & ultimate WOW FACTOR in Led Wall Art design all Led Wall Art can be customised to your requirements. We provide the highest quality of Led Wall Art lighting giving you years of great satisfaction with our designs for …


Sculpture Mermaid art

Mermaid Sculpture – Stunning Metal Mermaid Sculpture

Mermaid Sculpture – Stunning Metal Mermaid Sculpture: Check out these mermaid sculpture design’s made for a local company here in Brisbane the life size sculptures are very appealing creating a focal point at Sammies seafood in Hamilton. The Mermaid Sculpture design’s have been custom made with rich metallic dyes applied to the metal to create …

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LED Wall Art

USES FOR LED WALL ART: LED wall art is a trend that is growing very fast in many homes, offices and in shops, when well developed they can offer your room a calming harmonic effect that had never been experienced before. The trend started in the US and it has now grown to very many …

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Metal Squid Design

Check out our metal squid design this unique piece can be customized to size upon request displayed as a single or several panel’s, the art is created with brushing and sanding techniques with rich vibrant metallic colors being applied to the surface of the aluminum. The squid  is sure to create a WOW FACTOR in any …

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metal wall clocks

Metal Wall Clocks: The perfect addition to any room Metalistik metal wall clocks: Metal wall clock design’s are both practical as well as pleasing to the eye no matter what style of your interior metal wall clocks can be the perfect addition, we will tell you more about utilizing metal wall clocks for interior design purposes. …

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Metal Prints

Metal Prints: Stunning new concept in metal prints creating a striking finish on the surface of brushed metal these unique piece’s will create a modern appeal in any room. Metalistik can customize all images from colour to black & white the images can be displayed as one whole panel or divided into several.The 3D striking metallic …

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Guitar Clock 4

Guitar Clock

Check out our retro metal guitar clocks so funky create a focal point in any room with this cool design your choice of colour,size and style. Contact us today we will create the WOW FACTOR you deserve with this modern design. This Ultra-Modern Guitar Wall Clock comes with: Your choice of colour — just ask …

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Metallic wall art

Metallic wall art: Check out our new range of colours and designs we have on offer these stunning metallic metal wall art designs will add style to any modern home with their inspiring colours which will create a focal point in any room. All our modern metal wall art designs can be customized by size …

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metal wall art australia

Why abstract metal art makes the perfect wall decor

Why Abstract Metal Art Makes the Perfect Wall decor: Interior design is integral within any room this is why abstract metal art makes the perfect wall decor in office or commercial property it plays a decisive role in how attractive, distinct and impressive your place looks. An inseparable part of interior design is your wall decor, …

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Metallic Blue Wall Art

Tips on displaying artwork

Tips on displaying artwork Here are a few simple Tips on displaying artwork in a home or office environment, hanging wall art baffles home decorator’s how to decide what should go where, colours,height,grouping of pictures these are all questions when redecorating the home or office as a rule of thumb artwork should be displayed at eye level …

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