LED Clock

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Create a modern look today with this stunning new concept in led wall clock designs this handcrafted ultra modern LED wall clock will create a focal point in any room bringing your walls a live with the hand textured patterns which have been applied to the surface of the metal with various brushing and sanding techniques.


LED Clock:

Stunning LED Clock unique concept in clock wall art design, crafted from high-grade aluminium with a gloss finish applied to the surface to protect your investment for many years to come.

Features Include:

  • The light can be set to any colour of choice with various patterns adjusting the different colours.
  • Combinations will create an illusion on depth and movement on any wall also helping with eye strain in a dark room.
  • The LED lights come in a large array of illuminated colours.
  • Which are controlled by a wireless remote with various settings from a bright vibrant light to a more subtle setting.
  • The lighting will come with a safety tag and be tested before dispatching of artwork for indoor use also being suitable for under patios.
  • Mode & Pattern: 20 Colours; 8 Light Pattern.
  • Quick/Slow/Auto/Flash/7 colour fade change/3.
  • Color fade change/7 color jumpy change/3 color jumpy change.
  • R/G/B increase and decrease control; 6 DIY keys.
  • Powered by 12 DC working input voltage.
  • Long life span 30,000 hours also cutting costs on your power bill.
  • Exclusive modern metal wall art clock design bringing those walls alive creating a style of class with our metal clock art.

Size of LED Clock:

740 X 500 mm $340

Customise today your own personalised LED Clock design.

  • Customer service and satisfaction is our main priority as a small business.
  • You are 100% covered in transit giving you great peace of mind on your purchase.
  • A piece of art we choose represents our character in many ways.
  • Adding a splash of colour on a white wall will create a focal point.
  • Art comes with free shipping and a transit warranty.
  • Customers please read our reviews see what our customers say before purchasing this stylish wall art.
  • Stylish addition to any modern and contemporary room with this stunning metal LED clock design.



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