Extra large metal wall clock design

Extra large metal wall clock design:

Looking for a Extra large wall clock design to decorate your wall’s with here at Metalistik we can customize metal wall clocks to your size of requirements. You may like to tweak one of our design’s have your own creation here at Metalistik we can make this happen imagine having your own personalized extra-large metal wall clock design that you help create.We can help with a 1 off  unique center piece creating a focal point in any room with our exclusive extra-large metal wall clock design.

All Metalistik metal wall clocks supplied here in Brisbane Australia come with a 12 Month warranty, all time pieces are fitted with a quartz mechanism for reliability with a AA battery required to power each piece. Whether you want to add a different colour, re-design a piece, or change the clock hands — whatever your needs, Metalistik is more than happy to work alongside you to create a custom extra-large metal wall clock with a difference.

Improve the style in your room with these exclusive metal wall clocks , customize to size,shape,and style your own personalized time piece today…

Extra Large metal wall clock design’s



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