Tips on displaying artwork

Tips on displaying artwork

Here are a few simple Tips on displaying artwork in a home or office environment, hanging wall art baffles home decorator’s how to decide what should go where, colours,height,grouping of pictures these are all questions when redecorating the home or office as a rule of thumb artwork should be displayed at eye level to determine a relative eye level measure between 60 inches (152.4 cm) and 66 inches (167.64 cm)  from the floor.When decorating narrow walls, such as space’s between doorways and windows  use smaller images so the art does not become to over powering for the space,whilst using larger art for bigger walls.When displaying art over furniture the art should not be no longer than ie couch try to keep it with 75% width of the couch.Choose artwork that suits the mood in your home are the colours vibrant or neutral is your room modern traditional or maybe casual,vibrant colors within your artwork will create a focal point a statement whilst the more neutral colours tend to blend in with your decor creating a more soothing and calming atmosphere.When displaying a group of pictures lay them out first to see which works best together, look at them as 1 whole picture not individually you may like to cut paper templates the size of the pictures arrange them on the wall before displaying your artwork punching holes everywhere.When placing artwork near a window this will create a more natural affect on the surface of the art as the day changes so will the surface of the painting of an evening try different lighting techniques such as track lighting,recessed ceiling lights on the surface of your art to showcase your piece.

Your choice of art reflects your personality,your tastes,and aspirations…

Tips on displaying artwork by Metalistik Metal Wall Art



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  1. Jason is a great communicator. Our artwork was delivered ahead of time and we are amazed at it’s beauty and quality. We would highly recommend Jason.

    • Hi Sally,
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