Modern Wall Art Australia

Modern wall art Australia:

Modern wall art Australia made & owned visit our stunning modern wall art Australia design’s on line today with free shipping on all modern wall art.

Our unique wall art will add style and class to any modern room, all our wall art can be customized by size, shape and colour upon request.

Metalistik have a large array of styles and design’s on offer, if you have your own colour we can match it, helping you create your own modern wall art Australia design.

Our wall art is not mass produced or shipped in from overseas each piece is individually crafted to the finest of detail.

Our wall art exudes a holographic aura combining a perfect blend of sanding and brushing techniques.

With rich metallic dyes infused into the surface of the metal which add vibrancy creating the ULTIMATE WOW FACTOR in metal wall art.

These stunning wall art design’s are made here in Brisbane Australia creating a style like no other.

Our stunning metal wall art piece’s will add a modern appeal bringing your walls a live with the 3D like appearance on the surface of the metal.

Metal art will not only modernize your space it will become a focal point being the center of attention in any room for many years to come.

Here at Metalistik we provide free shipping Australia wide on all modern wall art with transit insurance included in the price.

I back all my  work with a 10 year warranty giving you great piece of mind with your investment.

All work is made from the highest grade aluminum with a clear gloss finish applied to the surface of the metal.

This will  protect your art from fading tarnishing or rusting over time making the art very durable.

Here at Metalistik we pride our self with outstanding service with the finest craftsmanship on all our products.

What’s your perfect Modern Wall Art Design?   Contact us 

modern wall art Australia
Metalistik Modern Wall Art Australia made & owned

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