Brushed Metal Art

Brushed Metal Art

 Brushed metal art can be customized to meet your requirements you may like to add a splash of color an extra panel what ever your needs Metalistik is more than happy to help you create your own customized brushed metal wall art design uses for brushed metal wall art include home,office corporate,bar,cafe just to name a few, looking for metal wall art that is unique and comes with a 10 year warranty on all wall art designs… Metalistik metal Wall art can help you create the ultimate in modern metal wall art here at Metalistik we can match most colors with a sample provided by you the customer with over 500 COLORS to CHOOSE from creating art up to 5 meters length.

why not Customize by shape size and color your own personalized wall art design today create a modern appeal in any room with these brushed metal wall art designs. Our exclusive brushed metal art design’s would make a great addition to any stylish contemporary home or office,  for over 10 years Jason has created unique metal wall art pieces shipping his work to all corners of the globe.

All brushed metal wall art is made here in Australia with a superior quality finish giving you and your guests the ultra modern look with this wall art.

If you can dream it Jason can probably create it feel free to drop him a line for your next unique art project.

We provide transit insurance on all metal wall art work giving you great piece of mind creating a modern look with our Metal Wall Decor designs. 

Our Success is through our outstanding service we provide with unique craftsmanship on all our metal designs. Australian made and owned Metalistik Brushed Metal Art for something unique in metal wall art.

FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE on this modern  brushed metal  art design’s.


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