Coloured Metal Wall Art

Large Coloured Metal Wall Art

Metalistik Metal Wall Art is designer and manufacturer of modern coloured metal wall art designs our coloured metal wall art is created with a perfect blend of sanding and brushing techniques.With rich metallic colours being applied to the surface of the aluminum which add vibrancy and striking 3D  like appearance on the surface of the metal.

Our modern coloured metal wall art designs make a great addition to any stylish modern and contemporary room  for over 10 years Jason has created unique metal art pieces  shipping his work to all corners of the world.

All coloured metal art is made in Brisbane Australia with a superior quality finish  giving you and your guests the ultra modern look with this exquisite metal wall decor.

If you can dream it Jason can probably create it feel free to drop him a line for your next unique art project.

Our coloured metal wall art is constructed from high-grade aluminum with a clear protective coat being applied to the surface to protect your investment for many years to come, we back up our products with a 10 year warranty on all indoor-use of our metal wall art. Our Success is through our outstanding service we provide with unique craftsmanship on all our coloured metal art designs. Australian made and owned Metalistik Metal Wall Art for something exclusive in coloured metal wall art decor.  

What’s your perfect Colored Metal Wall Art Design?   Tell us

  • Free shipping Australia wide
  • Australian made coloured metal wall art
  • Customized to your requirements
  • Modernized coloured metal wall art
  • create a WOW FACTOR today

Videos by YouTube do not justify the work as these clips have been downsized dramatically losing the contrast of the video. You can adjust the setting on YouTube this will improve the quality slightly…"

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