Metal Wall Art Sydney

 Metal Wall Art Sydney:

Metal wall art Sydney Australia free shipping on our modern metal wall art design’s which are a must for any art collector. These stunning metal wall art pieces can be customised to your requirements. Here at Metalistik we create metal art with the WOW FACTOR these pieces are both modern and contemporary adding style to any home. We pride ourselves with out standing customer service and craftsmanship to the finest of detail.

Metalistik have various design’s with a large array of colours on offer, If you can dream it Jason can probably create it. Jason has worked with metal for over 12 years manufacturing piece’s shipping them to all corner’s of the globe. We offer a 12 month warranty on clock mechanisms giving you peace of mind on your purchase.

Our metal wall art is constructed from high-grade aluminium with a clear protective coat being applied to the surface to protect your investment for many years to come. We back up our metal art with a 10 year warranty on all indoor-use with all our designs.

Please note our metal wall art is not mass-produced or imported from overseas factories. Our metal art is made local here in Brisbane Australia we ship to Sydney and all of Australia free of charge.  We make our art to last beware of imports or cheap pop art, metal art will not only modernise your space it will become a focal point being the centre of attention in any room for many years to come.

My mission as an artist is to produce the highest quality piece’s for collector’s and art enthusiast’s with the my professional service and skills to create the art that I provide.

Metalistik Metal Wall Art creating a modern metal wall art with the WOW FACTOR you deserve.

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                                                                  Shipping to Sydney FREE OF CHARGE

metal wall art Sydney
Modern metal wall art Sydney shipping



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