Garden Metal Art

Garden Metal Art:

Metalistik a provider of garden metal Art Australia made design’s.

View our online store today, we offer a unique range of garden metal art.

Specializing in Indoor & Outdoor living  garden art, customized to your requirements.

We have one of the largest high quality ranges of garden art & sculptures in Australia.

With the finest of craftsmanship on all our work, our metal wall art is made from excessive high grade aluminium.

With a clean defensive gloss finish been applied to the surface, to protect your investment for many years to come.

We offer complete transit coverage on all art in-case your artwork is misplaced or damaged.

You are 100% blanketed together with your delivery, providing you with amazing piece of mind on your purchase.

Please also notice we offer free delivery with-in Australia, the freight is covered with-in the charge of the art.

This also consists of item’s on special.  If over seas please contact us for a quote on delivery.

Our artwork is not mass produced or imported from remote place factories.

We make our artwork to last made here in Brisbane Australia.

Our wall art is made to the highest of standards.

Presenting you with a 10 year guarantee for indoor out door 2 years.

Please be privy to imports or reasonably-priced pop artwork layout.

As they may fade, rust or tarnish if it sounds to good to be true it usually is not.

My assignment as an artist is to provide the best first-class piece’s for collector’s and artwork enthusiast’s.

With my expert service and competencies to create the artwork that I provide.

I am committed to delivering the highest first-rate metal art to my customers.

With tremendous care, with my professional technique as a metal artist.

We are committed to to delivering quality products to our customers.


My selection of indoor outdoor colored metal wall art is ideal for display around swimming pools, outdoor patios, foyers etc…

Create a ultra modern style, a touch of elegance with my metal art. Stand out from the rest with this ultra modern metal wall art.

Garden Metal Art:


Garden metal art
modern metal garden art